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Effective Parenting with NLP

Days          : 02 Days
Date          : 17 & 18 October 2020
Time (IST) : (Sat & Sun) 7.30 to 9.30 pm
Fees          : Rs. 149/- only

Webinar is for parents, carers & teachers.

Parenting is an art and it is very important to learn this art in today’s competitive era for the bright future of children.
Learn the art of effective parenting through NLP, this program will empower you to be an effective parent who can sail through the challenges of parenting with a smile.
It will teach you:
▪️ Tips and techniques to effective parenting.
▪️ Talk to children in the way that motivates them.
▪️ Increase self-esteem.
▪️ emotional coaching and IQ Vs EQ.
▪️ Managing their emotions.
▪️ Improving creativity, learning, motivation.

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NLP – Advance Training (New Batch)

Days          : 05 Days
Fees          : Rs. 2,499/-
Plateform – Zoom Meeting App

Date & other details will be announced after the completion of the batch. JazakAllah

course content

It will teach you:
▪️  About NLP
▪️  State
▪️  Neurological Level alignment
▪️  Sub modalities
▪️  Anchor
▪️  Rapport
▪️  Perceptual position
▪️  Meta programs
▪️  Metaphors
▪️  Time line technique
▪️  Hypnotic language
▪️  Parts integration
▪️  Goal setting

Extra Features

▪️  Ebook Media Training with NLP
▪️  Ebook on Procrastination
▪️  Ebook on EFT
▪️  Lecture on Psychological Disorders& Phobias.
▪️  Lecture on Effective Parenting with NLP

Media Training With NLP
(New Batch)

Days    : 05 Days
Fees    : Rs. 999/-
Plateform – Zoom Meeting App

Date & other details will be announced after the completion of the batch. JazakAllah

course content

▪️  Agenda Setting.
▪️  Content Writing.
▪️  Image & Video Editing by Using Smart Phone.
▪️  Live Performance.
▪️  Script, Book & Fiction Writing.
▪️  SEO & its Basics.
▪️  Story Telling.
▪️  Utilizing Social Media (Whatsapp, twitter, fb).
▪️  YouTube & Earning and many more…

Teachers Training with NLP (New Batch)

Days          : 05 Days
Fees          : Rs. 499/-
Plateform – Zoom Meeting App

Date & other details will be announced after the completion of the batch. JazakAllah

course content

▪️  Representational System
▪️  Eye Accessing Cues
▪️  Anchoring
▪️  Rapport
▪️  Life Spain Psychology
▪️  Dealing with Special Child
▪️  Peripheral Vision
▪️  Goal Setting
▪️  Perceptual Position
▪️  Metaphors and many more

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