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We’ve Got You Covered

Rikza DesignLab provide result- driven services for brands. 360° graphic design solutions with an unique blend of creativity & strategy with technology, digital presence & business innovation.

Brand Design & Strategy

Through research & discovery we develop a well defined strategy that will shape your brand, add value to your product, connect with your consumer and help achieve your goals.

Logo & Identity Design

For us brand identity is not just about designing a pretty symbol or better looking stationary, It’s about expressing the soul of your brand using visual language and emotions.


Design Concepts (Upto 8)  ;  Get Social media Kit  ;  Get High Resolution Designs  ;  Get Vector File  ;  Logo Transparency  ;  Get Source Files and much more.

Website Design

We design & develop websites that evolve with your needs. Aesthetically pleasing and technology sound digital presence of the brand to connect with you from wherever & whenever.

Social Media Design

We help increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach by systematically using creative content with the right strategy of digital marketing and other technological tools.

  • We create the best strategy for social media marketing that drives traffic.
  • Get Social Media Marketing Plan with daily post design spreading.
  • Paid per click Strategy is also available at lowest pricing.

Video Editing & Animation

Video has power to personalize your brand, build your customers, promote products and so much more. We are a Video DesignLab providing Animated, Demo, Corporate & Marketing Videos.

Graphics & Print Design

We create exclusive designs by projecting ideas and experiences with visual & textual content.

  • Brochure, Banner, Poster Design, Newsletter, Social Media Post Design, Magazine Cover, Book Cover Design, Business Card Design & much more.

FEATURES :  Multi-color Designs,  Get Multilingual Designs,  Get Various Sample Patterns,  Print Ready designs and much more.

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